Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PINpocket, the Wholly Owned Payments Arm of U.S. Off-Track, Launches Sightline’s Loyalty Card Plus

Powered by Loyalty Card Plus, PINpocket set to transform the thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing industry in the United States

Sightline Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sightline Payments® (Sightline), an innovative payments company to the gaming industry, along with its partner Vantiv, Inc. (NYSE: VNTV), today announced it is launching Loyalty Card Plus™ with PINpocket*, a wholly owned company of U.S. Off-Track. U.S. Off-Track is an industry leading licensed account wagering service provider that has been serving the thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing industries for the past 15 years, with offices in Amherst, N.Y., Las Vegas, Nev., Portland, Ore. and St. Petersburg, Fla.

PINpocket, a licensed money services business (MSB), provides a safe, secure and fast method for customers to manage their funds at online racing merchants by providing a suite of deposit and withdrawal options. Under the agreement, Sightline’s Loyalty Card Plus™ Prepaid program will be integrated into PINpocket’s proprietary platform to better serve its client’s customer needs throughout the U.S.

“Sightline is the gaming industry’s leading program manager of prepaid solutions and we are excited to partner with U.S. Off-Track to deliver what we believe will become the industry standard solution,” said Kirk Sanford, Sightline’s Founder and CEO.

Jerry Zimmerman, President of PINpocket, added, “Sightline’s Loyalty Card Plus will be the pari-mutuel industry’s first implementation of a customized prepaid program that will deliver numerous advantages to our clients and their customers for not only funding and withdrawing in and out of their wagering account, but as a unique tool to build various customer relationship programs and to manage back office payment functions.”

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sightline Payments and NRT Demonstrate Payment to Ticket (P2E) Solutions

In August 2011 Sightline announced a partnership with NRT, an industry leading ticket redemption kiosk manufacturer and payment processor technology provider. This partnership paves the way for advances in cashless gaming technologies. The landscape changing solutions are built on NRT’s award winning best technology QJ2® kiosk enabled with Sightline Payment's Redemption7X® payment solutions.

Core product features include voucher redemption, bill breaking, ATM, cash advance, and automated check cashing, but what makes this technology even more exciting is the industry’s first cashless gaming enabled payment to ticket (P2T) solution through Bally Technologies SDS® (Slot Data System).

Kirk Sanford, Sightline's founder and CEO commented “forward thinking innovations like P2T is another reason why Sightline is quickly being recoginized as the fore-runner for payment advances in the industry.”

Sunday, July 17, 2011

NFC Technology sets its sights on credit card fraud

"It's mainly the technological intelligence and the complexity that are in our payment solutions that excites our prospective clients,” says Sightline Payments CEO Kirk Sanford. “Naturally, when you add a proven and experienced team to the product mix it is bound to be successful."

As credit card fraud and other identify theft continues to be a huge issue, costing companies and clients upwards of 200 billion dollars annually, Sightline Payments, already a gaming industry leader in secure cash transactions with their software suites, ATM kiosks and check warranty services, is sure to be a large player when it comes to new mobile technology.

Through technology and processing partners, hundreds of millions of mobile subscribers in the US will soon be able to use their smart phones to complete transactions quickly and securely while having the freedom to choose the financial instruments in their mobile wallet and subsequently make a transfer into their pre-paid account for gaming entertainment. Additionally, gaming patrons would likely enjoy mobile-authenticated payments for less fees, as opposed to very high fees for traditional cash access services, all while creating strong responsible gaming considerations because it is a budgeted prefunded account.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mobile money: The Future is coming soon.

As all the talk of mobile payments and smart phone technology buzzes louder and louder, how this will apply to the gaming industry is obviously a prime focus of Sightline Payments. Given the recent announcements from Google, Apple and other technology leaders, this near-field communication technology (i.e., swiping a cell phone screen across a scanner in lieu of a credit or debit card) will be here sooner than later.

As Sightline Payments CEO Kirk Sanford has said, “Through our technology and processing partners, hundreds of millions of mobile subscribers in the US can one day use their mobile phones to complete transactions quickly and securely while having the freedom to choose the financial instruments in their mobile wallet and subsequently make a transfer into their pre-paid account for gaming entertainment.”

Carriers and credit-card companies like Visa and MasterCard are embracing near-field communications, and NFC is already found in credit and debit cards, and can be accepted at drugstore chains and gas stations. Companies now rely on NFC stickers or memory cards with an NFC chip inserted into mobile phones.

With their experience in cash access solutions for the gaming industry, Sightline Payments looks to be an industry leader in NFC.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tips And Tricks To Avoid ATM Fraud

Sightline Payments takes ATM fraud very seriously and its staff is constantly enhancing security measures to thwart ATM thieves. Sightline Payments also offer the following suggestions to protect yourself:

Protect your PIN from others. When you enter your PIN, make sure to cover the keypad with your other hand to prevent bystanders or any cameras from noting the digits. And if the keypad looks strange or different, move on; fake keypads are a common trick used by ATM thieves.

Choose your ATM carefully. Avoid using ATMs in poorly lighted areas or places with low traffic. Experts often suggest a bank ATM over standalone ATMs in public places. Identity thieves will not only attach devices to legitimate ATMs to steal numbers, but they will also install phony ATMS in public places.

Report fraud as soon as possible. Always report any fraudulent or suspicious activity to your bank as soon as you discover it. Consumer protections for debit cards vary but depend largely on when you report the fraudulent activity. If you wait too long to report the fraud, your bank account could be cleaned out and your bank might not reimburse you.

As always, Sightline Payments remains committed to security with their ATMs and kiosks.

Sightline Payments Brings Back The Happy Customer

Sightline Payments has heard all too much of casino patrons experiencing bad service, had their account erroneously debited by a casino ATM provider, or had their personal information shared with third parties without giving permission. Sightline Payments is faced with these horror stories when they are brought in to provide better services. Sightline Payments prides itself with providing secure services to all clients, thus the clients patrons are happy. Sightline Payments knows that two-thirds or more of gaming revenue is being derived from cash access services, so by providing an easier (no debit pin required) way to access credit and debit cash access they are contributing to the smooth running casino gaming experience. Casinos are not comfortable with their patrons feeling wary about using the on floor ATMs for all these common issues, therefore you should let your favorite casino know about a better choice out there- one where your sensitive or personal data will never be compromised. Sightline Payments is the provider on your side.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smart Phones? Try The SmartBox

With their stylish and colorful cash-advance kiosks, Sightline Payments (with CEO Kirk Sanford at the helm) already makes transactions for gaming patrons quick, simple, secure and even intuitive. Kirk Sanford and Sightline go one step further, though, with the use of their “Integrated SmartBox” ATM3X.

The SmartBox allows casino patrons to receive ATM and credit/debit cash advances on the latest Wincor, NCR, and Diebold ATMs. And since most casino customers have a daily limit on their cash advances, usually somewhere between $300 and $500, the Integrated SmartBox ATM software allows the casino patron to still make a cash advance or debit transaction even after a turndown.

With their large, colorful (and touchscreen) displays, the entire cash-access process is not only easy and convenient but even pleasant, getting the customer his or her cash and placing them quickly back on the floor, making both patrons and casinos happy. And with Sightline’s cash-advance kiosks requiring no PIN (sometimes the last thing on a patron’s mind!), this also enlarges the customer bsae and provides an experience designed for gaming, not frustration.

With his years of experience, Kirk Sanford and Sightline Payments know the gaming industry and its needs, and also know that happy customers are playing customers, making everyone happy.