Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sightline Payments: Fast, Reliable and Secure

Sightline Payments LLC: Fast, Reliable and Secure

Many features draw patrons into a casino: variety of gaming options, reputation and atmosphere, plus dining and entertainment offerings. None of that proves important, though, if the casino does not make cash transactions fast, reliable and secure for its patrons. Sightline Payments ensures that casinos can deliver on that front, with its suite of cash-access and ticket-redemption solutions and services. Chief executive officer and president Kirk Sanford founded the Las Vegas company to raise the quality level of gaming-transaction products, and to offer them to casinos at a lower cost.

Sightline Payments’ products include:

ATM – With the company’s Integrated SmartBox ATM3X software on an ATM, a casino patron can receive a debit- or credit-cash advance after exceeding his daily withdrawal limit, without PIN entry. Sightline Payments’ software works on the latest Wincor, NCR and Diebold ATMs.

Redemption Kiosks – Sightline Payments’ Integrated SmartBox ATM3X software also runs on Glory's SK-100A ticket-redemption and bill-breaking kiosks. A casino patron can redeem tickets, break bills and cash checks, in addition to regular ATM transactions. Through Glory, these kiosks also offer flexible financing terms.

Check Cashing – Thanks to its gaming-centric approach and a partnership with industry-leader Certegy, the Check Warranty product from Sightline Payments results in more checks accepted and more money spent on the casino floor.

Cash Advances – Stylishly designed with a large, colorful display, Sightline Payments’ cash-advance kiosks use the latest VeriFone terminals to make transactions fast, simple and intuitive for casino patrons. Many features – including not requiring PIN entry – cut down on call-referral transactions and turndowns.

SmartStation – This Sightline Payments product allows a casino’s cage personnel to perform transactions quickly and efficiently, which results in improved workflow and reduced costs. The SmartStation integrates all products, services and customer data over the in-house networks a casino already has in place. High-speed transactions, reporting, compliance features, electronic-signature capture to streamline chargeback responses, checkless deposits, self-exclusion and limit programs, plus auto-reversals within 3 hours for transactions which patrons do not complete are just a few of the features of this product.

In addition to its impressive line of products, Sightline Payments offers unparalleled uptime through multiple real-time, fully redundant data centers. All systems are SAS Type II and PCI compliant. And, customer service covers systems and services via a 24/7 call center.

Providing these high-quality products and services has been the goal of CEO/president Kirk Sanford since day one. In a similar role at Global Cash Access Inc., he took the company from start-up to a NYSE public company with more than $1.5Billion in market capitalization and $650M in annualized revenues. Business Week featured Kirk Sanford as one of its Top 100 CEOs Under 40. Rounding out the management team are executive vice president of business development Tom Seas and executive vice president of sales Diran Kludjian. The Sightline Payments’ team has more combined experience in the gaming industry than any other company in this line of business, and it constantly strives to increase gaming revenue for casinos while at the same time lowering costs.

About Sightline Payments: The targeted mission of Sightline Payments – founded by Kirk Sanford, a pioneer and leader in payment and marketing services to the casino industry – is to be one of the gaming industry's preferred cash-access and ticket-redemption providers by focusing on delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, exceptional guest experience, and consistently fulfilling a customer-focused promise. Sightline Payments is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

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