Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sightline Payments and SmartBox Make Smart Team

With CEO Kirk Sanford and his years in the gaming industry, one of the prime components of the Sightline Payments state-of-the-art technology is their Integrated SmartBox ATM3X software and kiosks, allowing casino customers quick, secure and PIN-less access to their cash, even after daily limit turndowns, thus putting patrons back on the floor smoothly and quickly.

In addition, though, the Sightline Payments Integrated SmartBox software that runs on their automated teller machines also works on the Glory SK-100A ticket redemption (and bill-breaking) kiosks. With the leadership of Kirk Sanford, Sightline's contracted arrangement with Glory allows casino customers to enjoy a whole variety of kiosk transactions, from ticket redemption and bill breaking to debit cash and credit cash advances, and on to check cashing capabilities. Sightline Payments has partnered with Certegy, the industry’s premiere check warranty service, to provide the only gaming-centric check guarantee product. Even as we move from checks to cash advances and plastic/smartcards, a large portion of casino activity still revolves around personal checks, and Kirk Sanford and Sightline stay at the forefront of the industry with this innovative and leading technology.

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