Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sightline Payments Brings Back The Happy Customer

Sightline Payments has heard all too much of casino patrons experiencing bad service, had their account erroneously debited by a casino ATM provider, or had their personal information shared with third parties without giving permission. Sightline Payments is faced with these horror stories when they are brought in to provide better services. Sightline Payments prides itself with providing secure services to all clients, thus the clients patrons are happy. Sightline Payments knows that two-thirds or more of gaming revenue is being derived from cash access services, so by providing an easier (no debit pin required) way to access credit and debit cash access they are contributing to the smooth running casino gaming experience. Casinos are not comfortable with their patrons feeling wary about using the on floor ATMs for all these common issues, therefore you should let your favorite casino know about a better choice out there- one where your sensitive or personal data will never be compromised. Sightline Payments is the provider on your side.

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