Sunday, July 17, 2011

NFC Technology sets its sights on credit card fraud

"It's mainly the technological intelligence and the complexity that are in our payment solutions that excites our prospective clients,” says Sightline Payments CEO Kirk Sanford. “Naturally, when you add a proven and experienced team to the product mix it is bound to be successful."

As credit card fraud and other identify theft continues to be a huge issue, costing companies and clients upwards of 200 billion dollars annually, Sightline Payments, already a gaming industry leader in secure cash transactions with their software suites, ATM kiosks and check warranty services, is sure to be a large player when it comes to new mobile technology.

Through technology and processing partners, hundreds of millions of mobile subscribers in the US will soon be able to use their smart phones to complete transactions quickly and securely while having the freedom to choose the financial instruments in their mobile wallet and subsequently make a transfer into their pre-paid account for gaming entertainment. Additionally, gaming patrons would likely enjoy mobile-authenticated payments for less fees, as opposed to very high fees for traditional cash access services, all while creating strong responsible gaming considerations because it is a budgeted prefunded account.

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